Synthetic Core, Silver Wound

Peter Infeld Violin G vg-17$36.70

Named to pay homage to the late Mr. Infeld, Peter Infeld (PI) violin strings are designed for discriminating players who demand complexity of tone, a rich spectrum of sound colors, and power and elegance. For a wide range of sound and playability options, three E strings and two D strings are offered, including the first ever platinum plated E string (PI01PT) on the market. Both sets include the Silver Wound D string.

Peter Infeld String Highlights:

* Rich spectrum of sound colors * Perfect blend of power and elegance * High dynamic range * Instant bow response * Superior tuning stability * Soft Left Hand Feeling * Three plated E String Choices: Platinum - warm and powerful, clear content, soft left-hand playability Gold - rich overtones, "sweet" sound Tin - Powerful and focused * Two D String Choices: Silver - powerful, warm "silvery" sound Aluminum - focused and direct sound