New Harmony Cello Endpin Hollow Tube Carbon Fiber or Aluminum

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New Harmony Cello Endpin Hollow Tube Carbon Fiber or Aluminum EP-WTNH$106.00

Our carbon fiber end pins for cellos are manufactured in two diameters. Most of the carbon fiber end pins we sell are 10 mm, although some cellists prefer our 8 mm diameter. If an end pin longer than 20 inches is required, we recommend our 10 mm diameter carbon fiber end pins because they are stiffer than the 8 mm diameter carbon fiber end pin. Longer end pins can be ordered in 24 and 28 inch lengths (28 inch often used with the angled fitting). There will be a small price difference on longer endpins as specified by New Harmony Music. The 8 mm carbon fiber end pin is slightly more flexible than a steel rod. Both our 8 and 10 mm end pins can be used in fittings that originally used hollow steel or aluminum end pins. However, the thumb screw used in many of these fittings presses directly against the surface of the steel rod. If the thumb screw in these fittings is tightened excessively it will eventually damage the surface of a carbon fiber end pin. With care, a carbon fiber end pin can be used for years in a standard cello end pin fitting. Weight for the 10mm solid rod is 2.3oz and the hollow tube is 1.6oz including the tip.

The fittings, commonly referred to as plugs, are designed for 8 and 10 mm end pins for cello and the 1/2 inch (12.7mm) diameter end pin for bass. These fittings hold the end pin firmly, and will not damage the carbon fiber rod when the thumb screw is tightened. Our fittings are guaranteed not to slip on the end pin. Unlike many end pin fittings supplied with other carbon fiber end pins, our fitting is compact and has a shape similar to standard end pin fittings. Our fittings are made from a material that prevents any bending from the pull of the tail loop. The tapered portion of our cello end pin fittings is made in three diameters so a fitting size can be selected that best fits a specific cello. The diameters at the large end of the tapered portion of the three sizes are 23.5 mm, 25.5 mm, and 27.5 mm. Our fittings are almost indistinguishable from ebony, without all of the problems associated with wood such as shrinking, swelling, cracking, and rattling.

Cello fittings are made in three diameters - measured at the large end of the taper, our fittings are: Small - 23.5 mm, Medium - 25.5 mm, and Large -27.5 mm.

Cello angled fittings are made with a 6 degree down angle and made only in the large diameter 27.5 mm.