Passione Solo Violin Silver/Gut D

Introduction of the violin string set Passione underlines our conviction that young violinists enthusiastically taken up our patented modern violin gut-core string set. The feedback about Passione emphasizes its tuning stability, its effortless response and its quick playability. Violinists have also confirmed the complexity of sound and wide range of colors.

Now the Passione Solo for violin adds another way to express musical ideas. The range of dynamics has been extended so that a soloist tone with a radiant overtone spectrum is available. This focus allows musicians an effortless presence in the orchestra and the solo violin develops a noble projection within the orchestra (e.g. violin concerts of Brahms, Tschaikowsky, Sibelius, Bartok or Alban Berg). The violin set Passione Solo captivates with its precious smoothness and effortless response. The set combines a radiating beautiful sound with strong power and brilliance.

“Response time is immediate, as if the strings read your mind. The string’s texture lays smooth to the touch of the finger, like fine wine; yet full-bodied and rich in variety, including pizzicato, staccato or whatever technical detail you perform. Passione Solo strings are strong as steel yet soft as velvet. As to bow usage, acceleration is effortless without a trace of roughness; tone production remains firm and altogether supple with left and right hand coordination. The result provides less work, more playing pleasure. Passione Solo strings are bursting with genius; amazing, inspiring.” - Judith Aller, violinist