Pirastro Passione Gut/Tungsten Cello C


The lower string tension allows the instrument to open up and the upper register can vibrate easily and freely. In addition, the tuning stability and playing-in-time has been significantly improved in comparison to traditional gut core strings.

The Passione G and C strings have a brilliant and powerful sound with excellent projection. At the same time their tone can be warm, round and complex. The diversity of sounds is ravishing. Passione strings offer a startling flexibility and the diameter is small allowing the string to respond quickly.

Both strings are available in three gauges with a difference of 1/2 PM in diameter. The subtle differences in gauge make it possible to respond to the individual tension requirements of the instruments. Especially top quality instruments are more sensitive to differences in gauge and one gauge does not suit each instrument.

However, as a rule of thumb: The thicker the string is, the more powerful is the sound and the higher is the tension. A thinner string will produce a brighter sound, however this does not mean that the sound is weaker or looses power.