Silvery Steel E, Aluminum A, Silver D, Silver G

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Evah Pirazzi Violin Set with Silvery E vs-46$98.60

Evah Pirazzi strings have a core made from a modern synthetic multifilament fibre. Very intensive and powerful, excellent for Soloists. Outstanding playability and exceptional response at any of the dynamic levels. Complex sound, rich with overtones based on a brilliant core sound. Enormous projection


* most intensive and brilliant * widest possible range of dynamic and soloistic play * solid warm tonal fundament * voluminous and noble sound characteristic * outstanding quick response * delicate nuances also within the pianissimo range * focused tonal presence * optimal left hand feeling * soft and immediately playable * resistant to changes in temperature and humidity; enormous stability in tone * all strings are tuned for optimal set harmony

In the medium gauge you have a choice of receiving the set of straight strings, delivered in a tube or curved in small envelopes. If you would prefer a straight set, please mention this request in the comment section during checkout.