Evah Pirazzi Viola Set

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Evah Pirazzi Viola Set vas-30$142.00

NEW: In the "medium" gauge you have a choice of receiving the set as "straight" strings, delivered in a tube or "curved" in small envelopes. Please tell us your preference in the "comments" section at time of checkout.


* new synthetic fibre * modern manufacturing technique * high quality winding materials * strings made by hand * strict quality control


* most intensive and brilliant * widest possible range of dynamic and soloistic play * solid warm tonal fundament * voluminous and noble sound characteristic * outstanding quick response * delicate nuances also within the pianissimo range * focused tonal presence * optimal left hand feeling * soft and immediately playable * resistant to changes in temperature and humidity; enormous stability in tone * all strings are tuned for optimal set harmony


* A steel/chrome steel, D and G sterling silver, C tungsten-sterling silver * the ball of the A-string can easily be removed if a loop-end string is desired * A-string also available with synthetic core and wound with aluminium: big sound with rich complex overtones, the tension is reduced and the response fast. Available in weich, medium and stark. * 3 gauges: weich, mittel, stark * straight or in envelopes (sets also) * Pirastro® colour code at the tailpiece end: black spiral on light green