Picture yourself playing the violin

Step-by-Step Instruction for Proper Fingering and Bowing Techniques, Reading Sheet Music, and More By Bridgette Seidel Item: 54-1598634488 UPC: 082039534480 ISBN 10: 1598634488 ISBN 13: 9781598634488 PRICE: $34.99 Series: Picture Yourself Category: Textbook - Instrumental Format: Book & DVD Instrument: Violin This book and DVD kit is the easiest way to learn the violin, because it begins at the basics with no prior musical knowledge assumed. Picture Yourself Playing Violin is truly intended for complete beginners---it guides you through your first steps of acquiring a violin, setting up the violin to practice, moving the bow and fingers, understanding and reading sheet music, and learning how to practice a song up to a point to where you can perform it in front of your first audience. This learning package provides easy-to-follow instructions, with helpful pictures and diagrams that demonstrate every new skill and technique, all based on the same steps and methods the author uses at her music academy.