Position Pieces for Cello. by Rick Mooney. Book two. Summy-Birchard Inc.

Position Pieces for Cello. by Rick Mooney. Book one or two. Summy-Birchard Inc. ALF0762$12.99

"Position Pieces for Cello Book 2" fills the pedagogical gap between the first book of "Position Pieces" and the two "Thumb Position for Cello" books in that it covers the fifth, sixth and seventh positions. "Position Pieces for Cello Book 2" systematically introduces ways to find the correct location of each position and also to understand the various finger patterns required. As with Mr. Mooney's other books this is accomplished in an enjoyable and creative manner through the use of cello duets. With titles like "Surfing Cellos", "Jumping Flea", and "The Happy Certified Public Accountant" these pieces are really fun for students to play! This book will prove to be an indispensable tool for intermediate level cello students.

Title: Position Pieces for Cello: Book 2, By Mooney, Rick, Published by Summy-Birchard Inc., Item number: B20572 Publisher: Summy-Birchard Inc. Composer: Mooney, Rick Instruments Cello