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Click to enlargeBrahms-Performing Practices in Johannes Brahms' Chamber MusicBärenreiter’s pioneering scholarly-critical editions of Brahms’ works for one instrument and piano (BA 9429, BA 9430, BA 9431, BA 9432, BA 9433, BA 10911, BA 10908, BA 10907, BA 10906) are edited by a team of musicologists who are also performers. They offer today’s musicians not just a reliable musical text based on all known sources, but also a comprehensive approach to the works, which aims to place them in their historical context and to elucidate the complex of meanings that the composer wished his notation to convey to performers.

An integral part of Bärenreiter’s Brahms publication complex is this text booklet which approaches general performance practice issues of the 19th century with regard to e.g. tempo, rubato, rhythmic flexibility and articulation. Furthermore musicians will find valuable information concerning vibrato, portamento and bowing. Last but not least characteristics of Brahms’ own piano playing as well as that of his circle and contemporaries are discussed.

Brahms-Performing Practices in Johannes Brahms' Chamber Music BA9600$17.95