The Realist™ for violin comes with one Planet Waves 1/8" - 1/4" instrument cable.

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Realist Violin or Viola Pickup with mini plug (free shipping inside the US) real-vln$198.00

Brilliantly tailored for the violin, viola, cello and bass by Ned Steinberger and David Gage, The Realist acoustic transducers are unrivaled for transparency, tonal fidelity, instrument safety, and simplicity of installation. PERFORMANCE: The patented design optimally captures the vibration of the top plate at the bridge. The realist produces the most organic or natural tone, your sound - just louder. It features the best balance between Arco and Pizzicato tones. Installation: Quick and easy installation is non-damaging to the bridge or body, and does not require a luthier. Piezo element fits neatly between the instruments bridge feet and top plate. Durable fully molded jacks for maximum reliability. Lifetime warranty on the unique clamp and Jack systems.