The Realist Violin RV5Pe


The Realist Violin RV5Pe 5-string amplified violin.

The Realist Violin is a carved wood violin. Its sound is produced by the finely crafted spruce top and elegantly molded maple ribs and back. The Pro series RV uses the highest-quality wood on the well-tested standard violin design to create an acoustic tone recognizably dark and rich. The patented Realist technology that has made The Realist Transducer the worldís most respected pick-up for acoustic instruments is built in to the Realist Violinís acoustic body.

Thoughtful Design

The Realist Violin sports technological advances as well as time-tested hand-craftsmanship. The Pro series features expert finishings and top-grade materials. The RV5Pro is the instrument used by jazz, country, rock & roll, and alternative greats.

The input jack is built in to the back, which is crafted to accommodate the added weight and material. In its position at the violinís corner block and the back, the jack is easily accessed, and allows the patch cable to be dressed away out of sight and out of the playerís way. The playerís bow arm is free to move unimpeded because of the jackís placement and the instrumentís acoustic sound is unaffected.

The Realist Violinís volume control, integrated in the treble-side rib, is ingeniously camouflaged in the color of the violinís varnish. The control is easy to use and is easy to miss, if youíre not looking for it.

Unparalleled Amplified Sound Color and Texture

The built-in Realist Transducer delivers all of the natural luster of the instrumentís true sound. The violin retains its organic qualities when amplified or acoustic, so thereís no need for the player to adapt to it.

The pick-up system in The Realist Violin is completely serviceable. The electronics are easily removed for repair or upgrade without compromising the instrumentís structural integrity.

The Realist Violin represents a step forward to a new, better future for the violin. From now on, playing the violin will be a pleasure, not a compromise.

Why an RV5peP?

Most amplified violins are built out of low-cost, low-standard material. The RV5Pro is made of the very best wood and features quality-crafted purfling and an expertly applied spirit varnish. The difference can be felt from the first moment the instrument is played. It produces a warm, silky sound, unheard-of in the amplified world. It is truly a step up.

Ships with case

INTEGRATED REALIST TRANSDUCERô The same technology that has been celebrated by acoustic musicians the world over is built in to The Realist Violin.