Schatten Pickup with volume control for Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass. Free shipping USA


Schatten V-02 Series Pickups For Violin

...choosing a pickup for your violin?

The V-02 offers unparalleled reproduction, range and clarity of sound all wrapped up in a high quality medium density bridge. There is no false 'fatness' of sound to this series of pickups; they will give you everything that your violin has.

Thousands of players, professional and amateur alike, are simply getting the best sound that they can get out of their instruments. All V-02 models are in 4/4 size and fit a normal full sized adult violin.

The response is sweet from the bottom end right up to the top. We use a high quality maple bridge of medium density that is ready for fitting and curvature. Since our single piezo sensing unit is built right into the bridge, it can not fall out or get out of position or adjustment. There is no acoustic degradation or loss of normal acoustic tone or volume.

The pickup has excellent volume, great bottom and mids....and overall, a sweet, even response

2. ...don't need a pickup all the time?

The VM Series offers the solution to this problem. A small lightweight sensor adheres to the bridge with a little bit of putty.

These pickups were designed for quick and easy installation and removal and will provide you with a means for amplifying your instrument when you need it. When you don't need a pickup, the VVM can simply be stored away. They come complete and ready to go with no wiring, soldering or other fussing around.

3. The C-12 Std. model cello pickup is now available. It offers the same brilliance and clarity of sound as our old C-10 unit but requires absolutely no modification to your instrument.

A Pickup System When You Need It As you can see by the picture, the piezo sensing unit is quite small and light in weight. It measures just about 1/2" x 5/8" x 1/8" thick. It goes on to your cello bridge with a little bit of the special putty that comes supplied with the pickup. The pickup system can be installed on your cello in about 3 minutes and was designed to allow you to install and remove it quickly and easily.

4. From Basic Bass to Rockabilly

...the new RB series offers you a bass pickup tailored to your playing styles and requirements.

Outstanding - We've created a new series of great sounding bass pickups that are easy to install, non-invasive and intelligently designed. The RB series is available in both passive and active formats.

The passive RB pickup models work perfectly well and sound good when plugged straight into any decent quality bass amp.

The active RB models are made for those players that need to be able to plug directly into P.A. systems and prefer to have the convenience of an on board preamp on their bass.

Those players that require a preamp but don't want one on their bass may choose to use the passive RB of their choice and utilize one of our outboard Preamp/DI units.