Stringvision Bowgrip for Violin/Viola/Cello

Stringvision Bowgrip All bowgrips now have a light coating of (bow friendly) cornstarch on the inside. This makes installation of the Bowgrip very easy. Simply take it out of the package and slide it over the frog.

Carefully designed as an elegant anti-fatigue bow covering for the string player, this new product also takes the hassle out of teaching students a good bowgrip. One size will fit over smaller violin, viola, and cello bows as well.

The bowgrip’s thumb indent allows curved and comfortable thumb placement. One model stretches over violin, viola, or cello bows of all sizes without removing the frog.

This product will protect any bow from wear, and since the bottom corner of the frog is covered by the grip, this will also help to avoid minor nicks to the bouts of the instrument.

Additional information: weight: 7.4 grams top: 3.5 inches bottom 1.75 inches