Violin Debut. 12 easy pieces. James Rae. UE 21 532

INDIVIDUAL OR GROUP LEARNING All of these pieces for young violinists in their earliest stages of learning can be performed as a solo or in unison with others. Some have an optional 2nd part and may also serve as ensemble material.

MIXED ENSEMBLE OPTION Whilst written specifically for the instrument and addressing the challenges beginner flautists would encounter, a special section is included of four pieces which are ďkey friendlyĒ for beginners on most instruments and are therefore ideal pieces for mixed instrumental groups. These same four pieces will appear in subsequent books for other instruments in the Debut series.

For the Pupil Ö

Instrumental parts with fun cartoons for inspiration A CD providing stimulating demonstration performances to listen to as well as ďminus-oneĒ accompaniments for playing along at home Cartoons can be downloaded for free for colouring in For the Teacher Ö

Sheet music for selected piano accompaniments can be downloaded for free Ė just follow the web link provided in the pupilís book! If preferred, the accompaniments of all of the 12 pieces can be purchased in one printed and bound volume

James Rae Violin Debut Pupilís book with CD UE 21532