Virtuoso - A Film by Biana Kovic(sold out)

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It's never too late to learn "This short, brilliant film packs more inspirational punch than many full-length features. Kovic's theme of renewal and discovery through music is handled with subtlety and skill. When it was over the first thing I wanted to do was pick up a cello." Larry Hott, Florentine Films/Hott Productions.


On March 1st 2006, an 89-year-old woman, Matty Kahn, volunteered for a Never2Late project, to begin learning to play the cello in a month's time.

Having no prior musical knowledge, she is bravely embarking on the path of musical training to rediscover the strong connection between life and music.

From Biana Kovic, cellist/filmmaker, comes this inspirational, gripping story that offers powerful insight into the secrets of aging.