Vision Solo Viola A

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Vision Solo Viola strings represent a technological breakthrough in string design, featuring a technically advanced core and unique internal architecture, designed to produce exceptional playing and performance characteristics. The string characteristics described below reflect both extensive internal testing by Thomastik- Infeld and feedback we have received by a variety of top level players and educators.

Performance Characteristics

Excellent for both orchestral and solo use. Capable of a wide range of dynamic expression and nuance. Extremely versatile, useful in a variety of performance styles and applications.

Playing Characteristics

Extremely short settle-in time for both pitch and tonality. Excellent with double-stops and octave cross-overs. Little or no harsh or steely tone during break-in. Effortless, satisfying left hand feeling. Extremely quick and easy bow response. Tremendously even string-to-string play and performance.

Technical Information

String Description Tension (lbs.) A Chrome wound on solid steel core 17.8 D Chrome wound on synthetic core 13.0 G Silver wound on synthetic core 12.3 C Silver wound on synthetic core 11.9