Vision Solo Viola Set

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Vision Viola Solo only comes in one length at this time.

They are the same length as the original Vision Viola, and is recommended for viola's up to 16". Depending on the vibrating length of your instrument, you may be able to fit these strings on a 17" viola,but you would need to measure this length first.

Vision Solo Viola strings represent a technological breakthrough in string design, featuring a technically advanced core and unique internal architecture, designed to produce exceptional playing and performance characteristics. The string characteristics described below reflect both extensive internal testing by Thomastik- Infeld and feedback we have received by a variety of top level players and educators.

Performance Characteristics

Excellent for both orchestral and solo use. Capable of a wide range of dynamic expression and nuance. Extremely versatile, useful in a variety of performance styles and applications.

Playing Characteristics

Extremely short settle-in time for both pitch and tonality. Excellent with double-stops and octave cross-overs. Little or no harsh or steely tone during break-in. Effortless, satisfying left hand feeling. Extremely quick and easy bow response. Tremendously even string-to-string play and performance.

Technical Information

A Chrome wound on solid steel core 17.8 D Chrome wound on synthetic core 13.0 G Silver wound on synthetic core 12.3 C Silver wound on synthetic core 11.9