All pegs come in sets of four

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For 4/4-3/4 size violin or 4/4-7/8 size cello.

Finetune pegs from Wittner GmbH present a new “non-slip” solution for the violin or cello player. These pegs retain the traditional hardwood appearance demanded by professional musicians while offering a unique internal gearing system that makes them a revelation to use.

The only parts of the peg that move are the button and the geared middle section of the shaft on which the string is wound as it is tensioned and tuned. When positioned in the peg box, the shaft of the peg remains stationary. Fine Tune pegs have an internal gearing ratio of 8.5:1, affording very precise tuning. The gear mechanism is also self-inhibiting, meaning that it cannot slip back once tuned. The taper on the pegs is 1:30 for violin and 1:25 for cello so they will fit into the peg box as easily as any traditional peg.

The non-slip function is not the only benefit of the Fine Tune peg. Because the peg shaft doesn’t move when fitted, there is no wear on the peg box—where traditionally the constant turning of hardwood pegs in the softwood peg box results in the need for costly ongoing maintenance. With this peg there is no risk of a split peg box, and because no inward pressure is exerted on the peg box during tuning, a repaired split will not crack open again.

Note: the author recommends that installation of the Wittner Finetune pegs be made by a qualified repair person with necessary tools to install and determine the fit of the pegs and restoring instrument setup.

Here is a link with advice about the installation: