Wittner Steel Tailwire for Cello or Bass

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The engineers at Wittner have developed an ultra lightweight stainless steel tailwire that we believe will save you both time and money while noticeably improving the tonal qualities of your instruments.

So How Does It Work? These tailpiece wires were specifically designed for use with the very popular Wittner Ultra line of composite tailpieces. The wire itself is made up of tightly braided stainless steel that fits snugly causing no damage to either the end button or the saddle. An aluminum variable adjustment screw allows for precision setups (no knots to tie) and will ensure that the screw thread will never strip.

The Improvements: There is no “break-in” time. The stainless steel wire is impervious to temperature and humidity changes so it does not stretch, allowing the instrument to be played immediately after setup. The tailwire is virtually unbreakable and Wittner’s ultra-lightweight design allows for more optimal vibration delivering an immediate improvement in instrument tone over the standard nylon tailgut.