Zyex Bass D String

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Zyex bass strings use a synthetic Zyex core that provides gut-like rich and complex tone, combined with power and clarity for both pizzicato and bowing. Pitch stability is excellent after minimal break-in time. A thicker string diameter and an overall lower tension make this set ideal for baroque, jazz and free styles.

Zyex bass strings were developed primarily to offer outstanding pizzicato attacks and sustain, as well as superb bowing response.

What are artists saying about the Zyex bass set?

Ira Coleman (Sting, Herbie Hancock, Jessye Norman, Dee Dee Bridgewater): “I am currently very excited about the new Zyex for bass. The strings have the fast response of a gut string with the clarity and sustain of a steel string. They are more elastic than steel core strings and are very smooth. I like the gauge relationship from E to G. Finally the best of both worlds! Pure delight from peg box to tail piece. Thank you D'Addario.”

Larry Grenadier (Pat Metheny, John Scofield, Brad Mehldau): “I am very excited to have found these strings! They combine the warmth associated with gut strings with the presence and quickness of metal strings. They sound great bowed as well. I am very thankful that D'Addario has taken the time to address the jazz bass player's unique string needs."

Jiri Slavik: “The new D'Addario Zyex double bass set is just so much fun. The strings have a very round and warm sound both by arco or pizz as well as a wide palette of nuances, ranging from the most subtle to the very loud. For synthetic strings they respond very quickly and are overall easily governed. It's a thrill to play them - thank you D'Addario!”

Luques Curtis (Eddie Palmieri): “I love the new Zyex Strings. They project a warm, full sound. They're exactly what I was looking for!”

Jim Robertson (DBR, Beaty Brothers): “The Zyex give me the feeling that I am playing gut strings. They still retain the depth and warm qualities that I liked so much in gut strings, but there are not as many inconsistencies in the tone that would tend to be the case with traditional gut strings. They are extremely even, retaining the warmth and depth, but still cutting very well.”