Bow Accessories

More and more musicians are using carbon fiber bows as a good substitute to wooden bows. One advantage is that they are harder to break (we are talking about kids here:). We have found that they produce a wonderful spiccato as well (bouncy bow). Generally speaking, the more you spend, the better quality of carbon fiber and horse hair you will get. All carbon fiber bows can be re-haired as a normal wooden bow.

Options: Violin - Viola - Cello - Bass----------- FREE SHIPPING IN THE CONTINENTAL USA FOR BOWS ABOVE $100 OF VALUE !!!

For international orders: Please, be aware that if a bow gets ordered together with other accessories that might not fit in the Bow/Tube, we might have to send the accessories in a separate box, which may affect the shipping rate. You will be notified if that's the case. Thank you.